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What's New at Manitoulin Financial

The investment philosophy at Manitoulin Financial revolves around picking leading investment managers for our clients. We strongly believe that to be invested in the best funds you need to find the best fund managers. This is why we are so excited by the news that Canadians can now invest in the Fidelity Insight Class fund, managed by Will Danoff.


Will Danoff is a legend in the investment world! After being mentored by Peter Lynch, Danoff went on to become the manager of the world`s largest actively managed mutual fund run by one person, which has over $108 billion under management. For over 26 years, Danoff’s fund has outperformed the S&P 500 by an average of 2.8% per year! To keep up to date, Danoff meets with 4-5 companies a day. With such an impressive track record, it’s no surprise that within 2 days of his fund being opened to Canada, over $81 million was invested.


If you would like to learn more about Will Danoff, the Insight Class fund, or our investment philosophy please let us know!

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