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Financial Calculators are a great tool to help people understand their investments and to set realistic goals that can help in achieving desired outcomes.


Use this calculator to help you see how much money you will need to save between now and when you plan on retiring.

View the impact of the tax benefit given through RRSPs and the growth potential of your investment.

See how much money your registers savings will generate during your retirement.

This calculator shows the benefits of a registered investment versus that of a non-registered investment.


See the impact that investing early with the use of regular deposits can have on your portfolio.

Use this calculator to see the benefits of Pre-Authorized Chequing on your accounts.

Learn how much your money can grow, and how much money is needed to fund your children's education.


Use this tool to see how much you could qualify for and what your monthly payments would be.

This tool can help you determine the best payment schedule for your mortgage or loan.

All calculators were provided by Mackenzie Investments and can also be viewed at:

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